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Kealani is leading the way in property technology innovation. We’re developing the foundations for a sustainable, inclusive, next-gen ecosystem to thrive for decades to come. Our island focus is unique and targets an underserved market. We invite you to journey with us and uncover the Kealani vision together.


The pillars of our integrated ecosystem


A completely mobile end-to-end property technology solution for the international and transactional real estate investment market.

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A world first. Introducing Kealani’s unique Stability-as-a-Service framework into our platform. A pioneering tangible layer of value.

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A selection of industry specific ventures connected to our platform for added value, supply-chain mechanics and long-term sustainability.

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Property Platform

We’re making waves in the property technology industry. Our mission is to simplify and streamline how we interact, transact and build wealth in a $250 trillion dollar industry, starting with the average user in mind.

Mobile & Desktop

An end-to-end property technology solution

From inception, we’ve designed the platform for an inclusive industry wide user experience. Whether your an avid traveller at heart, second home owner, investor, real estate agent, agency, lawyer, investment fund, notary or government ministry, there is a role and opportunity to participate in the platform.

The Journey Ahead

Our ecosystem vision

We see a future where anyone, anywhere, at anytime, will be able to buy, sell and/or invest in international property, wholly or fractionally, securely and privately, engage in our ventures and/or participate in our ecosystem directly via the Kealani Property Platform.

Real Estate

Property Holdings

A strategically selected, clear and concise income producing tangible layer of value underpinning the services transacted on the platform.

StaaS Framework

Stability as a Service

With a focus on the island nations of the world, our Stability-as-a-Service framework (StaaS) is an exceptionally unique sustainability strategy for diversifying revenue across the platform, while at the same time providing a solution for securing national food supplies. The framework is designed to prosper all participants at every level. Our immediate property allocations can be seen across the following:

  • Residences
  • Resorts
  • Yachts
  • Cruise Ships
  • Superfood Plantations

Property Enterprises

Our handful of industry specific ventures focuses on the island nations of the world; investing in local economies that serve or service the hospitality/leisure sector, and agriculture, with an emphasis on inter-island food security all connected to our pioneering Platform. Later stage expansion may include Datacenter facilities.

By Design

Other unique features of Kealani

We partnered with the best to deploy next-gen fintech fund architecture to Kealani’s next-gen property technology ecosystem



100% digital and hassle-free, our investor onboarding process is blazing fast, safe and secure.


Our dedicated investment management team is committed to long-term investor relationships.


Our fintech SPVs are designed for stable long-term growth and appreciation.


Unique technology platform incentives are awarded to those who invest via our SPVs.

Defined Term

We have a specific mandate with reachable goals for a clearly defined investment term.

Founders Club

Membership into the Kealani Founders Club for those who invest via our SPVs.


Now under development, the Kealani ecosystem has been meticulously designed to transform the way we interact, transact and build wealth in the coming decades.

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